The Dream Thieves – Maggie Stiefvater

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater
(The Raven Cycle #2)
Published: 9-5-2013 by Scholastic Press
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Now that the ley lines around Cabeswater have been woken, nothing for Ronan, Gansey, Blue, and Adam will be the same.

Ronan, for one, is falling more and more deeply into his dreams, and his dreams are intruding more and more into waking life.

Meanwhile, some very sinister people are looking for some of the same pieces of the Cabeswater puzzle that Gansey is after…


Art – Adam S. Doyle

I love the art on these covers. Adam S. Doyle’s style is perfect for these stories. But there’s just something about the cover that I don’t like. I’m not sure what it is though. I think it might be that it just feels very crowded to me. I think the illustration needs more room. I like the placement of the title, but it bothers me that it changes color. I just don’t know what’s off about it.

thought green

Aah, this book! The Dream Thieves is absolutely wondrous. The writing is beautiful, the story has so many layers, everything is so atmospheric, and the characters are all deep and multi-faceted. The Raven Cycle is an addicting series that is hard to put down. If you haven’t started reading it, I can’t recommend it enough.

loved green

  • Ronan – Ronan’s main characteristics are angry and loyal, but his story is the backbone of this sequel and we get to see that there is much more to him. The secret about Ronan’s father is revealed, as is the full extent to which that secret has shaped Ronan’s life. Ronan is angry over what he’s lost, kicking himself for not seeing the truth sooner, and dangerously desperate to get everything back. The fine line that Ronan walks with Kavinsky is interesting for a few reasons. Kavinsky is a threatening guy but his time spent with Ronan shows that he’s just looking for something fulfilling. Kavinsky’s constant jokes and suggestions about Ronan being gay are annoying, but what’s interesting is the way Ronan doesn’t refute them, only says his relationship with Gansey isn’t like that. I really liked seeing deeper into Ronan’s head. Seeing the differences between how Kavinsky did things and how Ronan did things, and Ronan coming face to face with his nightmares really showed a different side to him.
  • Blue – I still really like Blue. She’s really the only one of the group that seems to have no ability or anything special related to their quest for Glendower, as well as the only non-psychic in her house. Blue loves the boys and is happy that they’ve fully accepted her into their group and their quest, but she’s still wary to be seen with any “Raven boys.” Blue is ever-aware of the whole kissing=death prediction, something she’s only told Gansey. This further strains her fledgling relationship with Adam, even as she realizes that she might like Gansey after all. But Blue is wonderful and fiercely individual, never mooning over any of the guys when she can be taking action in the search for Glendower. Blue is very clear that she is not something to be owned and she does not suffer any mere suggestion that she belongs to anyone.
  • Gansey – Oh, Gansey, our tragic hero. Gansey relies on his public image mask less and less as things in the search for Glendower get farther along but also more complicated. There are many more people who are somehow connected to their search than they originally imagined, and they aren’t exactly offering to work together. Gansey likes to be in control, but it’s increasingly clear to him that he can’t control much in the group’s quest. Noah’s practically gone, Adam is more and more distant since Cabeswater, Ronan is suddenly fending off his nightmares during his waking hours, and Blue is off-limits.
  • plot – The plot of this book, and the whole series really, is so complex and layered, and so are the characters. Gansey still has no idea that he’s fated to die within the year and Blue is tortured with the knowledge of his impending death as she grows closer to him and all the guys. The members of Blue’s family are becoming more integral to the search for Glendower, and the search itself is something involving death and dreams, timeloops and questionable psychic rituals.

didn't love green

  • Adam – Adam feels like much more of a main character here than he did in the 1st book, probably because there was no need to pretend Noah was human. I have mixed feelings about Adam. His journey is great, but I’m not sure I like him as a character. I’m glad Adam has moved out of his parents’ place, but it seems like he likes to maintain a buffer between himself and the others by living alone, even if I can kinda understand his pride. Adam’s method of dealing with things, whether it’s his sacrifice to Cabeswater, his relationship with Blue, or his friendships with the guys, is just to avoid everything. I want Adam to stand up for himself more.
  • the Grey Man – It’s always difficult for me to get into a new character’s POV, especially when it’s not immediately clear how they relate to the plot. The Grey Man is an outsider, and while I don’t know how else the threat of others searching for the Greywaren could’ve been handled, I found the Grey Man’s chapters to be boring. His perspective just took so long to matter to the main plot and I thought there could’ve easily been less time devoted to his POV.

quotes green

“What care is it of yours,” Gansey asked, “what I think of Orla?”

This felt dangerous, for some reason. He possibly shouldn’t have asked it. In retrospect, it wasn’t the question itself at fault. It was the way that he’d asked it. His thoughts had been far away, and he hadn’t been minding how he looked on the outside, and now, too late, he heard the dip of his own words. How the inflection seemed to contain a dare.

Come on Gansey, he thought. Don’t ruin things.

Blue held his gaze, unflinchingly. Crisp, she replied, “None at all.”

And it was a lie.

It should not have been, but it was, and Gansey, who prized honesty above nearly every other thing, knew it when he heard it. Blue Sargent cared whether or not he was interested in Orla. She cared a lot. As she whirled toward the truck with a dismissive shake of her head, he felt a dirty sort of thrill.       – Gansey + Blue   pg. 195

“He’s not alone when he leaves the car behind.”

There was something chilling about the phrase ‘Leaves behind.’ It could have just meant ‘parked the car.’ But it didn’t sound like that when Calla said it. It sounded like a synonym for abandon the Pig.

“When does it happen?”

“It already has,” Calla replied. Her eyes opened and fixed on Blue. “And it hasn’t yet.”     – Calla + Blue    pg. 340

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