Watch Me

WatchMeWatch Me by Lauren Barnholdt
(previously published as Reality Chick)
Published: 7-6-10 by Simon Pulse
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She thinks she has nothing to hide…

Ally has everything under control. She’s about to move into a house full of strangers and have her life broadcast to the world, but as long as she still has her long-distance boyfriend, Corey, nothing can go wrong. Nothing, that is, until Ally starts spending time with her housemate Drew, the hot and sensitive guy who always seems to be around when she needs someone the most.

As suspicions and lies start pulling Ally and Corey apart, she’s not sure if she can trust anyone, not even herself. Ally is about to learn the hard way that life is what happens when everyone is looking, and it doesn’t always capture her good side….


Design – Cara E. Petrus      Rating – 3/5

This cover is fine. It’s not particularly interesting, but it’s not horrible. It’s sort of blandly fashionable people, much like the original Gossip Girl covers. I do like the overall layout with the photo up top and the title down at the bottom. It’s nice that there’s a guy on the couch too, since the book is about a group of guys and girls living together for a TV show. I like the sans-serif font and the colors of the text because they match the colors of the middle girl’s outfit.

thought green

I’ve had a book called Reality Chick on my Goodreads list for a long time, and I could never find it because I had no idea it had been renamed to Watch Me. Cover redesigns are something I sort of understand and can accept as a necessary evil, but title changes completely baffle me. It makes it nearly impossible to walk into a bookstore and find the book you want unless you know the author. Watch Me is a story that I’m a bit surprised hasn’t been done to death yet. With the amount of reality TV out there right now, it’s a situation that breeds drama and it’s clearly something people have some interest in. Watch Me is kind of a behind-the-scenes take on what it would be like to have your freshman year of college broadcast to the entire country, and the unique problems that having your life televised could cause.

loved green


  • now + then – I really like the narrative style used in Watch Me, with Ally looking back at everything that happened and giving her thoughts about it. The ‘now’ sections are pretty short, but it’s fun to see Ally’s opinions on everything that went on during her time on the show.
  • Ally – Ally is pretty easy to relate to. She’s trying desperately to hold on to a relationship that’s falling apart, she gets sick of the cameras following her around, and she’s just your average confused college freshman. It’s not easy to deal with your 1st year of college, or a long-distance relationship, so Ally’s experiences are twice as hard with the cameras and the pressure of everyone’s opinions on her life.
  • photography – Ally’s thoughts about changing her major are so normal for a college freshman. I don’t even remember what her original major was, or if she even had one chosen. When Ally discovers a love for photography, most of the people she’s closest to think she’s nuts for wanting to pursue it. Drew is the only person to really support her.

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  • Corey – Ally’s relationship with her boyfriend, Corey, is really strained for the vast majority of Watch Me. At 1st, he’s really supportive of Ally being on reality TV – and Ally’s history of their relationship is all starstruck fangirl because Corey’s popular, and their relationship is ‘perfect.’ As soon as the show premieres, Corey is suspicious and accusatory whenever Ally manages to get him on the phone at all. He says he isn’t watching the show, but he’s extremely rude to Ally’s roommates based on what he’s seen on the show. Basically, Corey is really judgmental of everything Ally is saying and doing, but he isn’t willing to listen to Ally’s side of things.
  • James – It seems really strange to me that, in a house of 5 people, Ally can almost completely avoid interaction with James. I understand that everyone is busy with college classes and that James is out partying most of the time, but he shows up so rarely that it struck me as odd. Other than that, James is a stereotypical player whose only purpose in the story is to be a jerk so ally can bond with her other roomies.
  • taglines – The taglines and the summary are all about people knowing Ally’s secrets, but Ally doesn’t actually have any juicy secrets. She’s just crushing on Drew while her relationship with Corey falls apart, which isn’t surprising. I just expected something more substantial to be brewing because of the summary’s focus on secrets.

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The cameraman who followed Jasmine into our room has followed her back out, but has been replaced by my own personal cameraman, who has his camera trained on my face. Hmm. I contemplate pretending to go back to sleep to see if he will leave, but then I realize this is a horrible plan. Of course he won’t leave. He’s going to film me. That’s his job.     – pg. 37

It’s, like, a thirty-dollar book. I can’t believe he did this. Everyone in my own family thinks I’m ridiculous, and Drew, who I haven’t even known that long, believes in me enough to buy me a book like this.     – pg. 169

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