Go Figure

GoFigureGo Figure by Jo Edwards
Published: 10-23-07 by Simon Pulse
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Ryan is not obsessing….

But she does want to lose weight. Ever since she was outed as a “fat girl” at cheerleading camp in fifth grade, Ryan’s been on a mission to shed more than a few pounds.

Lately she’s also on the hunt for a new relationship. Now that her ex- boyfriend is a rock star – currently posing on the cover of Rolling Stone – Ryan seriously needs to move on. They haven’t spoken in months, but in the magazine Noah’s wearing the bracelet Ryan gave him. She can’t wondering what that means…Not that she wants him back or anything.

No, Ryan’s plan is to make the most of senior year. After all, she’s popular, funny, a talented photographer…she’s got a lot going for her. So it’s not all about losing weight or gaining a boyfriend. It’s about getting what she wants. And it’s about time.


Design – Tamaye Perry     Photo – Michael Frost     Rating – 2/5

I find this cover really random. It’s like they didn’t know what to put on the cover, so they decided to use a bunch of preset shapes. The border is made of random star shapes in the same clashing colors as the title – blue, red, and green. The font is fine except for the horrible, curly capital E. The asymmetry is nice, and I like how the title fits in the space between the girl’s curves. I’m also really glad they used a girl with actual curves. Other than that, the colors are awful together and it’s another headless girl cover.

thought green

The summary for Go Figure had me thinking that this would be a bit like Audrey, Wait!, but it really wasn’t. I mean, the longest paragraph in the summary is all about Ryan’s ex being a famous singer, so I really thought he would be a bigger part of the story, but I like that Go Figure is focused on Ryan and not her famous ex. This book surprised me because the summary and cover made it come off as a cutesy accept yourself story, but there’s a lot about friendships forming and falling apart, and there’s way more sexual content than I was expecting.

loved green

  • weight – I like how Go Figure deals with weight. Ryan isn’t just dealing with bullies at school – she puts up with remarks from her family and she feels invisible to guys. Although it’s Chelsea’s father that dispenses cruel words about his daughter’s size, Ryan deals with words that are hurtful even when meant as helpful. She’d rather everyone keep their comments to themselves so she only has her own judgments to think about.
  • sexual content – I’m sure you’ve read at least a couple of YA books featuring overweight main characters. The thing missing from most of these books is sex. Go Figure is not lacking in sex or language. Ryan is interested in a guy and he’s into her as well. There’s no big deal made about him being interested despite Ryan’s weight, which is something many books choose to point out. He’s just interested in Ryan. Everyone, no matter their body type, is a normal teenager, and sometimes sex is part of that.
  • Josh – What I like about Josh is that he is not presented as some flawless, idealized guy. He and Ryan have a history as friends, but she hasn’t been crushing on her neighbor in secret. Josh and Ryan bond in their photography class, but he is by no means Ryan’s main focus. Their relationship evolves from friendship, and almost despite their actions.

didn't love green

  • Kim – While I appreciated Kim’s no-BS approach to Ryan’s weight and body image issues, she really only serves as a friend stereotype to get Ryan into some trouble. If Kim’s around, Ryan’s sure to make a bad decision. Want to go to a party with underage drinking? How about a blind date? I wish Kim was more supportive of Ryan in a positive way, instead of being like the enabler for trouble.
  • Chelsea – Ryan’s BFF, Chelsea, has ditched her to go to California, but Chelsea is still ditching Ryan. She never emails, calls, or texts, and she doesn’t answer Ryan’s calls. Ryan relies on Chelsea for moral support because they are best “fat” friends forever, but Chelsea seems uninterested in their friendship. Even when she returns from California, Chelsea is self-centered and doesn’t much care about Ryan’s new photography class or new friends. Friendship is harder when you don’t see someone daily, but Chelsea could have been a much better friend to Ryan.

quotes green

I’m losing myself. My personality’s slipping, sliding right off the page. I have dissolved somewhere in a sea of Noah Fairbanks. The most interesting things about me isn’t even about me.     – pg. 69   Ryan

“It doesn’t work that way. Being thin doesn’t make you some superhero. You don’t always save the day, get the guy.”
“Yeah, but come on,” I argue. “If I looked different, Jared wouldn’t have gone running off to Ashley.”
“Sure, he would have.”     – pg. 201   Kim + Ryan

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