Darth Paper Strikes Back

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (in the USA it was yesterday). If you are Black Friday shopping today (eek!) be safe and don’t be a jerk! Shopping online is much more enjoyable and less bloody. Plus you can be around your family and eat leftovers while you shop. Anyways, review time.


DarthPaperDarth Paper Strikes Back by Tom Angleberger

(Origami Yoda #2)
Published: 8-23-11 by Amulet Books
Get the book: Amazon


Something amazing happened. A weird kid named Dwight made an origami finger puppet of Yoda. (That wasn’t the amazing thing–just typical Dwight weirdness.) the amazing thing was that Origami Yoda gave great advice. He could predict the date of a pop quiz, tell a guy if a girl likes him or not, and keep kids from embarrassing themselves in a dozen different ways. Most of the sixth graders were convinced he was using the Force. 

But now, a year later, it’s a dark time at McQuarrie Middle School. Dwight has been suspended and may be expelled, which means no more Origami Yoda. Even worse, Darth Paper, a puppet created by Dwight’s nemesis, Harvey, has taken Yoda’s place. He spews insults and evil and just may be responsible for getting Dwight kicked out in the first place. Now the kids of McQuarrie are trying to build a case to save Dwight. This is their case file.

Major Crush

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda was cute and funny (see review here), and I am very excited that it is now part of a series! There is a more defined plot in this book, and also more origami, which makes Star Wars nerds like me very happy. Well, it makes me happy – I’m just assuming other people are happy about it. 

Here are my Yoda and Darth Vader origamis! (Is that the plural of origami?)


Major Crush

  • plot – Dwight / Origami Yoda’s advice is mistaken for a threat and he gets suspended, so Tommy and his friends make another case file to get the school board to let Dwight come back to school. And despite the fact that there are more things going on in this book, it’s still filled with random Yoda awesomeness!
  • Darth Paper – While Harvey’s kind of mean and is definitely mean to Dwight, Darth Paper is entertaining. Well, actually, Darth Paper is mean because he’s just Harvey, but the fact that Darth Paper exists is entertaining to me. I found the arguments between Darth and Yoda very funny.
  • stories – Again, Origami Yoda finds unique ways to solve problems in seventh grade daily life. There are exploding pizza bagels and silly school rules, and it’s all pretty cool.
 Jellicoe Road
  • another school? – What happens if Dwight goes to a different school than Tommy and everyone else? They are in desperate need of Jedi knowledge! What happens in the 3rd book? Where does the wookiee come from? (Yes, that is how you spell wookiee)
 Major Crush
  • So you’ve already heard about how Dwight got sent home after the whole “Prepare to meet your Doom” thing. Well, here’s what happened right after it: DOOM! It was like the minute Dwight and Yoda were gone, everything they had helped us achieve did a nosedive into the sarlacc pit.            – Tommy pg. 97
  • “If you strike down Dwight, he will grow more powerful than you can possibly imagine!” said Origami Yoda.         – pg. 130
Major Crush
4 robots
The Force is strong with this one
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