Top Ten Books/Authors That Deserve More Attention (Top Ten Tuesday)

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Top Ten Books/Authors That Deserve More Attention
This week is a free topic, so here are the top 10 books and authors who I belive deserve more attention in the blogosphere, the media, and in general.
1. The Pace by Shelena Shorts (2009)
Eternal love without the paranormal creature vampire / werewolf / faerie / or fallen angel thing.

2. Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev (2009)
One of the most truly unique books out there in my opinion. A strong heroine with a mind of her own in a magical theatre.
3. The Big Crunch by Pete Hautman (2011)
A sweet and honest contemporary that reads like an indie movie. (My review)

4. Candor by Pam Bachorz (2009)
Pam Bachorz has a knack for creating dystopians that take place in small, isolated places with antagonists who truly believe they are doing the right thing.

5. Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston (2008)
A very different take on faerie stories, with more action 🙂

6. I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Stephanie Kuehnert (2008)
A contemporary that doesn’t gloss over the sharp edges in the heroine’s life.

7. Need by Carrie Jones (2008)
Evil, sexy pixies and the phobia-collecting girl who is determined to stop them at all costs. ALL of Carrie Jones’ books deserve more attention.

8. Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn (2002)
I know 2002 was 10 years ago (actually, I just realized that…), but this book was one of the most different contemporaries I’d ever read and I loved it.

9. Jars of Glass by Brad Barkley & Heather Hepler (2008)
These authors have 3 books out and I have loved every single one of them. This one broke my heart a little.

10. Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman (2009)
One of the sweetest contemporary love stories I’ve ever read!

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