Top Five "Write Another Book Already" Authors

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Top Five Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book
(This post has a surprise in it!)
These are authors I really want another book from and I’m limiting myself to 5 or I would be listing forever. Most of my choices ARE writing books, so this list highlights my hatred of waiting for book release dates! Each book pictured is the author’s latest release.

1. Sarah Dessen – last release: May 2011
It hasn’t even been a year since Sarah’s last book came out (plus she has a toddler now)! I think Sarah Dessen’s books are some of the most amazing contemporaries out there and I want more. I would love it if her next book had a college-aged main character!
2. Scott Westerfeld – last release: September 2011
It only seems like a long time since one of Scott’s books came out because I didn’t really like Leviathan.  There is an Uglies manga coming out in February, but I’m hoping for a new series sometime soonish!
3. James Dashner – last release: October 2011
Luckily, James just announced the release of a Maze Runner prequel for this August. The Maze Runner trilogy is his 1st YA series and it’s action-packed and crazy intense. I want more YA books from him!
4. Shelena Shorts – last release: August 2011
The Pace series blows my mind (on that note, I seriously need to read The Iron Quill!) and is not in most stores and not getting the attention I think it deserves. Shelena has hinted on her blog that she’ll be announcing a new series soon and I’m so excited! I’m so upset that I missed one of her appearances that was in my area!
5. Lisa Mantchev – last release: September 2011
Lisa’s Theatre Illuminata series is another one that I rarely see in stores and that I don’t hear about near enough. Her books are full of desserts and fairy mayhem and are so unique. I’m looking forward to whatever she decides to do next!

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