The Lost Saint

The Lost Saint by Bree Despain
Published: December 28, 2010 by Egmont USA

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A family destroyed. A love threatened. An enemy returns.
Grace Divine made the ultimate sacrifice to cure Daniel Kalbi. She was infected with the werewolf curse while trying to save him, and lost her beloved brother in the process.
Desperate to find Jude, Grace befriends Talbot, a newcomer to town. But as the two grow closer, Grace’s relationship with Daniel is put in danger – in more ways than one.
Unaware of the dark path she is walking, Grace begins to give into the wolf inside of her – not realizing that an enemy has returned and a deadly trap is about to be sprung.
       I really liked the first book, The Dark Divine, but unfortunately I have tons of issues with this sequel. Most of these issues are with Grace, but some of them are with the plot. I just couldn’t get over how Grace thought through things and decided how to act. Most of the time she was doing extremely stupid things and ignoring Daniel. This book just doesn’t compare to the first one at all.
Things I love about this book:
  • Daniel- I really like Daniel, even though Grace’s boneheaded antics mean we don’t get to see all that much of him
  • April- I don’t really remember much of her role in the 1st book, but her obsession with designing Grace’s superhero costume is great
  • Grace’s loyalty to Jude is sweet- she’s willing to risk her life to track him down, which makes it curious that she basically ignores everyone in her family outside of the whole werewolf loop
Huh, what?:
  • Grace- I can’t stand how naive and lame Grace suddenly became! In the 1st book she was so strong and determined. Now she unflinchingly trusts Talbot, a guy she just met, and thinks Jude is always helping her. And when she can’t get her way she whines and whines, then moves on the someone else who will give her what she wants, without stopping to think that maybe those who won’t give in to her demands have her safety in mind.
  • Talbot- I can’t believe Grace simply decides she can trust him, even when he does things she is against. She only questions him for seconds, then she blindly goes along with him, trusting this guy she just met with her life multiple times.
  • Grace and Daniel are together- something they worked very hard for- but they keep secrets from each other, and their lies almost destroy Grace
  • I have so many problems with how Grace thinks and acts, mainly with Daniel and Talbot, but even with Jude. Her thought process is Daniel, it’s Jude! He’s trying to help us! and she won’t listen to anyone else’s opinion on the topic.
Favorite quotes:
  • Daniel’s phone beeped. I jumped. He grabbed it and practically shot out of his chair.     – pg.  237
  • “You’re keeping secrets from me. Secrets that are more deadly than you could even imagine.” He slammed his hand against the wall. “You meet some mysterious guy who claims he can train you. How did he even know what you are? How do you know he’s not the one Jude was trying to warn you about? The person who’s after us? Do you have any idea how stupid you’ve been?”   – Daniel pg. 316    (THANK you Daniel for summarizing how annoying Grace has been!)
Don't Stop Now
3 robots
Read it if you LOVED the 1st book. Otherwise it’s just a stepping stone for a 3rd book and it really doesn’t get much deeper than that summary.
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