Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (Movie)

Harry, Ron and Hermione search for Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes in their effort to destroy the Dark Lord once and for all.
     Obviously, you guys know what this movie’s about and that there are MAJOR SPOILERS for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the book), and well as some for how the movie turned out. This movie is very somber from the start. There is a lot of silence and stillness mixed in with the action, but it is generally true to the book and very exciting. Overall, I enjoyed Part 1 just a bit more than Part 2. 
Reasons I love this movie:
  • It’s Harry Potter.
  • Ron- one of the 1st things I noticed was how Ron (Rupert Grint) suddenly looks every bit like an action hero
  • Helena Bonham Carter- she’s already a scene-stealer as Bellatrix, but her portrayal of Hermione as Bellatrix (thanks to the trio’s old standby, Polyjuice Potion) was so brilliantly convincing. I was doing double takes wondering if that was Emma Watson made up to like Helena Bonham Carter.
  • Neville- Neville (Matthew Lewis) finally gets his chance to shine, emerging as a hero and reminding us super geeks of how easily it could have all been Neville rather than Harry. (And in case you haven’t been looking up pictures of anything having to do with this movie lately, Neville grew up quite nicely. )
  • Snape- we learn along with Harry just how integral Snape (Alan Rickman) is to the entire story in a touching flashback after Snape’s surprisingly violent death scene
  • I can’t list everything great about this movie, but some other highlights to watch out for: Molly vs. Bellatrix, Ron defending Hermione, any scene with McGonagall, and Luna making Harry listen to her
Huh, what?:
  • not enough Ron and Hermione kissing- their very 1st kiss is sweet, but all we see is Ron’s head blocking the kiss. I was bummed, especially after the Harry and Hermione make-out session in the locket destroying scene of Part 1. I know it’s not a love story, but we’ve waited 7 movies for this to happen.
  • Harry and Voldemort jump off the school- Harry grabs him and jumps off the roof (you’ve probably seen this- it’s in the trailers), but then they fly around grabbing at each other’s faces and their faces blur together. Um,ok…this scene baffles me- it’s just really strange and unnecessary. My brother defended it by saying but it shows how closely linked they are…I’m not buying that explanation, but it does give it some purpose. 
  • although I think they’d make a cute couple, Neville does not end up with Luna as is implied in the movie
  • the death of important characters are unseen and don’t make much of an impact on the viewer (possibly because they are unseen…)
  • Harry and Ginny’s son at the end, as well as the other kids just looked very modern to me- like they somehow didn’t fit into the world of Harry Potter
Get Well Soon
5 Robots
I mean, what can I say? It’s Harry Potter. Go see it!

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